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Hello Sea Enthusiasts!

Let’s embark on a voyage through the digital oceans! The internet has evolved into the world’s largest trade fair, emerging as an indispensable platform for brands. With millions navigating these digital seas daily, we revel in the excitement of reaching out to them.

“News not only enhances brand visibility but also possesses the power to captivate.”

Therefore, in our quest to bolster our brand, we aim to amplify our voice to broader audiences through SEO-focused articles. This strategic move will enhance our presence in the maritime realm, facilitating more effective outreach to customers.

The SEO-focused articles crafted to promote your brand will be published on various digital maritime news platforms, including 16 in Turkish and 34 in English. Our goal is to reach your target audience more effectively and enhance your brand visibility.

🔹 50 Times More Economical: Strengthen your brand’s online presence for just 1000 Turkish Lira, significantly reducing the cost.

🔹 50 Times More Powerful: Amplify your brand’s impact with news articles published in 50 different locations, increasing your strength fiftyfold.

🔹 50 Times More Effective: Highlight your brand’s strength and reach potential customers with SEO-focused articles published on various digital platforms. We would be delighted to promote your brand on 50 different maritime news platforms.


  • SEO-focused articles: Original and SEO-friendly articles will be prepared to promote your brand, optimized with keywords to capture your target audience’s attention.
  • Various language options: With 16 Turkish and 34 English articles, you’ll have the opportunity to reach international audiences.
  • Extensive publishing network: Articles will be published on 50 different maritime news platforms, enhancing your brand visibility as these platforms have a broad and impactful audience within the maritime community.
  • Professional content: High-quality and engaging content will be provided by experienced and expert content writers.
  • 5-Year Publishing Guarantee

These features will ensure your brand becomes more visible in the digital seas and reaches your target audience more effectively.

🎁 Our Special Gift: Every participating sea enthusiast will receive a corporate e-commerce store from!

📞 Corporate Communication: WhatsApp: +90 537 432 71 17 (Continuous Support Provided 24/7)